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Bonga Nkomo
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
After three years of Graphic design Bonga realized that he needed a different expression for his creativity, the need for motion picture was growing in him and that’s when he decided to go study film. Initially with the desire to direct he soon found himself stimulated by Cinematography and the rest as they say is History.
With a history of design and reality TV Bonga has a great sense of independence and speed. He strongly believes in not getting lost in a visual style but rather takes each project as his first to give it freshness and the necessary relevance. With his involvement with the female filmmakers projects by the NFVF he’s mastered the short format and thrives under pressure. He builds strong teams, as he knows a leader is only as good as the team that supports him and therefore is a great team player himself. Coming from the Daveyton in the East Rand Bonga prides himself in the music, culture and energy of  his upbringing and this together with his life and traveling experiences give him the experience needed to be present and open for each project.   
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